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    Safe system modernization

    Latest safety technology for a rolling mill system with machines from different manufacturers.

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    Safe stopping with hydraulics

    Hydraulic drive for natural rubber mixing plant reduces braking distance by more than 95 percent.

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    Safe stage technology

    Bosch Rexroth makes state automation safe - for the artists and the audience in the Bolshoi Theater.


Reach your goal fast and safely through experience.

Machine safety is a complex matter. This applies, in particular, if you do not deal with it on a daily basis. However, this topic is the day-to-day business of our industry and safety specialists. They have extensive knowledge of the requirements and know how you can fulfill them in an economical manner. Learn more about how Rexroth implements machine safety into practice.


Safety implemented into practice


Safe rolling mill system

How Bosch Rexroth has updated systems from different manufacturers and with different years of manufacture to state-of-the-art safety technology.

Braking distance reduced by more than 95%

How Bosch Rexroth has reduced the braking distance of a natural rubber mixing plant in the event of a safe stop to 18 mm.

Safe stage technology

How, at all times, the Rexroth stage control system safely controls more than 600 drives in the Bolshoi Theater.


Safe solutions for your applications

Proven in real life and efficient in terms of engineering: SafeMotion and SafeLogic from Rexroth make it easy for you to implement standard-compliant safety in a fast manner while increasing productivity


SafeMotion: Safe motions in the drive

Decentralized intelligence monitors movements where they occur.

SafeLogic: Scalable and efficient

Our safety controls always require only as much hardware as necessary while their programming is easy.


Your personal machine safety consulting

Our Safety Specialists help you to reduce accident hazards and to increase productivity. To this end, we are happy to analyze your entire system and your processes. We recommend effective measures for machine safety and workplace ergonomics. In addition, we support you around the globe when it comes to the implementation of legal standards and requirements.