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Illustration | Bosch Rexroth AG

Energy generation: Renewable energy sources


All around the world, consciousness of climate change and its association with CO2 emissions has grown. At the same time the acceptance of nuclear power is vanishing. This strengthens the significance of renewable energies for carbon-neutral power generation. Bosch Rexroth supports manufacturers of wind power systems with innovative drive and transmission concepts. Even in the prototype phase, we work closely with systems manufacturers to develop sustainable harvesting of the energy in the seas. We support the solar power industry with novel automation concepts.

Ever since the birth of the wind power industry at the start of the 1980s, Rexroth has served as a development partner to those new companies, quite small at that time. Our decades of experience in gearbox technology, and that includes large transmissions, gave rise to special designs that achieve ever higher performance and ever greater reliability. Such designs can cope with the extreme demands found in wind turbines.

As an independent strategic and global partner, Rexroth today follows along the entire life cycle, with the common goal of reducing energy generation costs. This begins with component engineering and continues through prototype testing, mass production, comprehensive service, and upgrade support. Rexroth is taking the strategic approach used in wind energy and applying it to marine energy, still a very new field. Here, too, the company works closely with innovative partners, often medium-size companies, on order to achieve profitable power generation from waves, tides and currents.

Similar to the beginnings of wind power, the return on investment cannot be calculated. In spite of that, Rexroth is investing heavily in this technology since its potential for carbon-neutral power production is extremely high. The company also provides suitable drive and control concepts for the entire manufacturing process used in the photovoltaic industry. Additionally, innovative technology simplifies vibration-free conveyance of delicate photovoltaic panels under clean-room conditions. It ensures solid footing for huge solar panels and positions them with superb accuracy.