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Illustration | Bosch Rexroth AG

Energy efficiency consulting: Sharing experiences


The experience gained while optimizing our own factories goes into energy efficiency consulting for industrial operations in every sector. Rexroth employs specially trained energy consultants to analyze existing production plants. The objective is to significantly increase energy efficiency, even in manufacturing lines already in place. Rexroth energy efficiency consultants study the prevailing situation and identify savings potentials for machinery and equipment. Those specialists then use that information to devise measures to reduce consumption, and they support that with calculations of the economics.

As opposed to firms that only provide consulting, Rexroth offers broader support with comprehensive service and practical implementation of the measures identified. And that includes an efficiency review to quantify success. The end user thus obtains detailed information on energy wasters in production operations and about concepts that will pay for themselves through more efficient equipment operation. Machine manufacturers might well find that new or additional products derive from this. In this case, energy efficiency consulting creates a bridge between the end user, who has to pay for inefficient solutions, and the mechanical engineering company, which can then market a more efficient generation of machines more quickly and more easily.

Here’s an example from the automotive industry:

A conveyor system which previously used four fixed displacement pumps in series, and a volumetric flow of 50 liters each per minute, was refitted with a variable-displacement pump delivering 200 liters per minute. Instead of constantly maintaining full pressure in the system, the change was made to zero-pressure recirculation. Daily savings come to about 170 kilowatt hours. Over the year, that totals up to savings of about 37,500 kilowatt hours.

Illustration | Bosch Rexroth AG Magnifier

Converting a conveyor system from multiple, constant-displacement pumps to a single variable-displacement pump saves about 37,500 kilowatt hours per year.