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Illustration | Bosch Rexroth AG

Energy use: Efficient products and solutions


With Rexroth 4EE (Rexroth for Energy Efficiency), the company has set up a comprehensive efficiency approach, with a view toward the machine’s entire service life. Everything that plays a role in energy consumption – from the engineering design to daily operation and maintenance – is consistently examined with this system and then optimized, for all types of drive technologies. There are four levers available here: efficient components, energy recovery, energy on demand and energy system design. They unfold their effectiveness both when designing new machinery and when boosting the efficiency of systems already in production.

Example: a package conveyor system.

The original drive concept represented a connected load of 18.5 kilowatts. The Rexroth 4EE automation solution reduced that value by 35 percent, to 12 kilowatts. These savings were achieved by returning energy to the grid, doing away with cooling for the switchgear abinet, buffering energy in capacitance modules, trading energy via an intermediate circuit, and adopting new, high-efficiency synchronous motors. Assuming operation 18 hours a day, annual savings come to about 42,000 kilowatt hours.

Example: blow molding machine.

The original drive concept, using three fixed-displacement pumps, drew 194,400 kilowatt hours per year. The Rexroth 4EE solution – incorporating variable-speed pumps, an optimized process to reduce the cycle time, and energy-efficient synchronous motors – draws 86,400 kilowatt hours per year. That means savings of 108,000 kilowatt hours per year.