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Master mason

For more than 40 years now, Rexroth has helped to construct large – and ever larger – buildings by supplying hydraulic systems for concrete pumps.


Over a long distance or to great heights, mobile or stationary – the concrete pumps on the market are sure to include the right machine, satisfying all the requirements of construction work and moving the stuff that architectural dreams are made of. The challenges to the hydraulics used for conveyance are enormous. Pressures of up to 400 bar will be necessary to move this viscous material through the pipes. The rugged hydraulic components by Rexroth are predestined for use under every weather condition and when exposed to grit and vibrations.

Photos: fotolia.com (c) pr3 / Dron / The Photos


Functional principle

An axial piston pump draws hydraulic fluid from the reservoir and moves it, via a control block, to the drive cylinders. One half of the tandem pump moves backwards and creates a partial vacuum, sucking in the concrete. At the same time, the other cylinder dispels the concrete drawn in before. When the cylinders’ strokes have reached their ends, they reverse and the process is repeated. A transfer tube ensures that the cylinders are filled and discharged in correct sequence.

Illustration | Bosch Rexroth AG Magnifier