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Manfred Mitze, business manager at MAE Maschinen- und Apparatebau Götzen GmbH, on the challenge of energy efficiency
Photo: MAE Götzen GmbH

“We place great emphasis on thoroughly re-engineered concepts in which efficiency is one of the many advantages.”


“Energy efficiency is a core topic for all our products. However, the clear aim in every machine development project is to find a solution that is, at the same time, less expensive than its predecessor. Regrettably, the market still tends to purchase energy-efficient machines only if there is no price difference. Only some 20 percent of our customers take efficiency into consideration when judging prices in order to achieve a total-cost-of-ownership approach. As a rule, these are also the customers who approach us actively with a specific request for energy efficiency. But this consciousness is not well developed in most customers. Only if the prices are the same will customers purchase the more efficient model.

We’re 80 percent toward achieving our goal

There are frequent requests for more efficient and more economical machines. This is why we place great emphasis on thoroughly re-engineered concepts in which efficiency is one of the many advantages. It is not just a matter of piling on accessories to reach efficiency goals. But this is hardly a new trend in our company. For the past 25 years, we have made increasing use of servos to achieve variable-speed pump drives. Over the course of time, we have replaced most of our drives with energy-efficient models.

We have traveled 80 percent down our efficiency trail in the meantime. The remaining 20 percent in potential energy savings will involve really large drives and will make it necessary to go into great detail in engineering. We are now gradually refitting our large drives with variable-displacement pumps. At the detail level, we are increasingly concentrating on using circuits to buffer energy – and even more efficient servo drives. We have a good partnership for development projects with Bosch Rexroth. Of particular benefit for us is that we are able to access their entire spectrum of drive and control technologies and work with highly competent regional contacts.”

Photo: MAE Götzen GmbH


Straightening machine for large components, with a new drive

Energy consumption: 80 percent less

Noise emission: 20 percent less

MAE Maschinen- und Apparatebau Götzen GmbH

This medium-sized, family-owned company with over 120 employees specializes in straightening machines and the presses used assemble wheel sets. Their machines are used in a number of fields, ranging from railway technology to automobile manufacturing.