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Faster to market, more reliable in operation

Seven software solutions to make everyday life more efficient.


1. A few clicks away from engineering success

With the help of the Simster simulation software, Rexroth has already engineered drives for presses, self-sufficient compact axes, and underwater turbines. Filed in the model library are all the specifications for all the hydraulic and electrical drives made by Rexroth. That means that this tool will supply – quickly and reliably and with just a few clicks – all the relevant physical factors such as position, power and volumetric flow rate.

2. 12 instead of 18 months

Cerutti, the Italian manufacturer of rotogravure presses, has already utilized Rexroth simulation models to design its “Aurora” series. This avoided over-dimensioning during the engineering process. In combination with an entirely shaft-free automation solution, Cerutti was able to reduce its time to market by a third. Delivery was made after twelve instead of 18 months.


3. Interpreter for the controls

One machine manufacturer, Kraus Automatisierungstechnik GmbH, specializes in custom solutions for manufacturing and testing assignments. With the Open Core Interface, the company can now program twice as many machines with the same staff. This interface concept combines the worlds of automation and information technology, since the Open Core Interface supports a number of programming languages for the controls. This is how it reduces the engineering effort and shortens delivery times.

How the company of Glaub Automation & Engineering GmbH uses the Open Core Interface to control machines by way of an app – that’s the story told in "Full control, with an app"

4. Simulation for heavy-duty work

When construction machinery is being developed, an analytical simulation of the system, followed by a virtual test drive based on a model, makes it possible to optimize the intended functions and the efficiency well before the engine is ever revved up. Simulating the machine’s complex motions, sometimes superimposed and affecting each other, costs and the time to market can both be reduced.

5. Development under pressure

Time was short. It was necessary to get the new RS15 control valve, intended for smaller construction machines, to the market as quickly as possible. To do so, Bosch Rexroth set up a network for an international project team drawn from its sites in France, China and Germany. Thanks to the use of several simulation tools, the team was able to dispense with a sampling phase and a prototype. This made overall development a full six months faster. At the same time the valve, thanks to software-supported design, was so efficient in operation that machines equipped with this valve use about 20 percent less fuel.


6. Combining approaches

In its own product development, too, Bosch Rexroth draws on the benefits of software-supported processes. When developing the innovative SILENCE PLUS external gear pump, simulation models helped engineers to efficiently combine and implement the many differing ways to approach a problem. The advantage for the customer: an extremely reliable component and one that cuts resource use, as well.


7. An eye on power costs

Condition monitoring concepts reduce long-term operating costs in wind turbines and make them more profitable. For the first time in history ACoS, the Advanced Condition Monitoring System devised by Rexroth, links together in a network the condition monitoring sensors for all the components in the drive train and combines the measured data they supply.

In addition, ACoS is the first system ever to incorporate detection of damage to the rotor blades – a feature certified by German Lloyd. The system also recognizes ice formation and enables autonomous restarting once the sensors signal that the blades are free of ice.