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Integrated concept for energy recovery

Project Name Packaging plant
Industry Packaging and Processing
Technologies Electric drives
4EE Levers Energy System Design, Efficient Components, Energy Recovery, Energy on Demand

Increasing energy efficiency in packaging plants


Initial Situation

The packaging plant had a power consumption of 60 kWh. The energy for the conventional servo system was supplied via a bleeder resistor with a power rectifier.

The Rexroth 4EE Solution

Rexroth installed a comprehensive and integrated concept for the recovery of braking energies. The concept takes advantage of grid feed-in, energy buffering in capacity modules, and energy exchange via a 750 V intermediate circuit. High-efficiency synchronous motors further reduce energy consumption.

The result

The integrated concept for energy recovery lowers the packaging plant's energy consumption by 25 percent.


  • Energy consumption: 60.0 kW

After Rexroth 4EE

  • Energy consumption: 45.0 kWh
  • Savings: 15.0 kWh

Top product


From concept development to system start up

With the Rexroth 4EE systematic approach, our industry and technology specialists will support you in identifying and realizing all potential energy savings in your application. This will allow you to answer your customers' requirements for lower energy consumption and maximum productivity.