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Using auxiliary process times to increase energy efficiency

Project Name Internal high-pressure forming
Industry Metal and plastic forming
Technologies Hydraulics

Increasing energy efficiency in internal high-pressure forming


Initial Situation

Internal high-pressure forming requires high peak power. In this concept, two 200 kW motors were driving axial piston pumps with power control. The auxiliary process times made up 30 percent, with a standby power consumption of 67 kWh.

The Rexroth 4EE Solution

Rexroth integrated two new power controllers with DP functionality and thereby lowered operating pressure in the auxiliary process times from 290 bar to only 95 bar. Additional reservoirs guarantee a dynamic performance and the usual productivity levels.

The result

The new automation reduces energy consumption in the auxiliary process times from 68 kWh to only 19.6 kWh. This represents savings of 70 percent.


• Energy consumption: 147,300 kWh/a

After Rexroth 4EE

• Energy consumption: 43,000 kWh/a

• Savings: 104,000 kWh/a


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