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Continuous savings through demand-based performance

Project Name Calender control
Industry Cellulose machines
Technologies Hydraulics

Increasing energy efficiency in the calender control


Initial situation

In the original drive solution, a 5.5 kW motor drove a fixed displacement pump. The flow generated by the pump moved the calender roller on average once a month and constantly adjusted the compacting pressure to the parameters provided by the control unit.

The Rexroth 4EE Solution

A variable speed pump drive from the Sytronix family with a 3.0 kW frequency converter adjusts output to the process needs. In pure pressure-holding operation, it reduces the output in line with the required force.

The result

The new drive solution reduces the energy consumption of the calender control by up to 78 percent. The specific aspects of fluid technology have already been accounted for in the Sytronix software.


  • Energy consumption: 24,400 kWh/a

After Rexroth 4EE

  • Energy consumption 5,400 kWh/a
  • Savings: 19,000 kWh/a

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