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Up to 10,000 liters of diesel fuel savings

Project Name 90 HP tractor
Industry Sector Agriculture
Technologies Mobile hydraulics
4EE Levers Energy System Design, Efficient Components, Energy on Demand

Axial piston variable displacement pump reduces diesel consumption


Initial Situation

To keep costs down, manufacturers have traditionally equipped tractors in the 90 HP class with open-center systems using a fixed displacement pump for the working hydraulics. These systems provide maximum hydraulic power all the time, regardless of diesel engine speed.

The Rexroth 4EE Solution

For the first time, the axial piston variable displacement pump A1VO offers manufacturers a cost-effective option allowing them to take advantage, in the 90 HP class, of the benefits of a load-sensing system known from larger tractors, as well. This solution summons hydraulic power as needed. The new pump realizes the most significant fuel savings in the partial load range, such as when lifting medium loads.

The result

In day-to-day operations, the hydraulic system works in the partial load range for about two thirds of the time. By providing only as much power to the hydraulic system as is actually needed, the A1VO reduces diesel consumption significantly in this operating mode compared to fixed displacement pumps. Fuel savings reach up to 15 percent. Assuming a typical service life of 6,000 hours, tractors equipped with the A1VO use up to 10,000 liters less diesel fuel.


  • Demand-based performance
  • Fuel savings of up to 15 %
  • Possible CO2 reduction: 5.3 t/a

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