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Fuel savings of over 10% possible: Virtual Bleed Off (VBO)


With Virtual Bleed Off (VBO), pressure sensors and the electronic control unit optimize the hydraulic 2 circuit closed center system in mobile and crawler excavators. Specially developed VBO software and an electrically pressure-regulated pump are used to electronically reproduce the standard OC system with no energy loss. The software specifies the flow rate, and above all, the increase in pressure. This enables new matching concepts between hydraulic system and diesel engine in TIER 4 diesel engines. As a result, excavator manufacturers can optimally match the required hydraulic torque to the TIER 4 diesel engine. The result: Fuel consumption drops by up to 10 percent with excellent load sensitivity.

At a glance

  • Fuel savings of over 10%
  • Machine responds quickly
  • High dynamic system stability
  • Optimized torque requirements