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Cooling on demand

In mobile machines, fan drives often have to generate an output of dozens of kilowatts. Rexroth shows how hydrostatic fan drives learn to save energy.


Reducing emissions through energy efficiency

Rexroth has a unique expertise in integrating mobile hydraulics with engine control systems. This allows system performance to adjust perfectly to your downsizing concepts and shifted torque curves. As a result, fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are reduced significantly.


Mobile energy efficiency


Engine cooling

Hydrostatic fans provide cooling on demand and lower fuel consumption.

On-demand performance

Tractors in the 90 HP class: Inexpensive switch to fuel-efficient variable displacement pump.


Consulting services that let you reap the rewards: Higher energy efficiency in your production

Construction machinery, materials handling, agricultural and forestry machinery, or commercial and road vehicles: Our industry specialists are familiar with the specific needs of your industries. Together with you, they will find custom-made solutions for more energy efficiency and productivity – worldwide