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Industry 4.0 Smart Factory Technology

Products for Connected Industry

As a leading manufacturer of future-proofed and individually configurable products and solutions, we are driving the next industrial revolution and the implementation of Industry 4.0 today. We offer the entire range of intelligent drives and control units and complete system solutions - all with full IT integration. Bosch Rexroth solutions make production processes more efficient and flexible with reduced complexity and significantly shorter downtimes – and not just in the future but now!


Open Core Engineering

Based on open standards, software tools, function toolkits and Open Core Interface, Open Core Engineering combines high engineering efficiency in automation with the technologies, tools and solutions of the IT world.

WebConnector - Universal translator for the loT


WebConnector is the platform-independent, fast, easy-to-program communication interface for dialogue between control and web and IT applications.


Rexroth ActiveCockpit

Active Cockpit

As an interactive communication platform for the manufacturing industry, ActiveCockpit processes and visualizes production data in real-time.

Rexroth ActiveAssist

Active Assist

ActiveAssist brings together people, equipment and processing through decentralized intelligence.


IndraMotion MLC

In the IndraMotion MLC control system, PLC-based machine automation and IT-based technologies come together to form a uniform, complete system for all automation tasks.

IndraMotion MTX CNC system

IndraMotion MTX

IndraMotion MTX is the unique, individually scalable CNC platform with integrated PLC.


LMS Linear Motion System


The Linear Motion System (LMS) is a unique platform that is easy to integrate into customer applications for transport and positioning of materials and products.

IndraControl XM embedded control hardware

IndraControl XM

The IndraControl XM control platform offers the latest hardware technology in a robust housing design for different motion logic applications.


IndraControl L embedded control hardware

IndraControl L

The IndraControl L control platform for motion logic systems fits flexibly, consistently and transparently into a wide variety of automation structures.

IndraControl FM control hardware

IndraControl FM

The IndraControl FM control combines machine PLCs, I/O and the Open Core Interface for Industry 4.0-enabled applications, and is specifically designed for cabinet-free automation concepts.


IndraDrive servo drives

Indradrive servos

IndraDrive servo drives are intelligent automation components and cover the output ranges from 100 W to 4 MW with consistent functionality.

IndraDrive Mi cabinet-free drive technology

IndraDrive Mi

The newest generation of IndraDrive Mi cabinet-free drive systems can be adapted to individual conditions like no other decentralized drive system.


IndraDyn S synchronous servo motors MS2N

IndraDyn S

The IndraDyn S MS2N motor generation by Rexroth combines high dynamics with compact dimensions and excellent energy efficiency.

CytroPac Hydraulic Small Power Unit

Cytropac HPU

CytroPac is a compact and energy-efficient standard power unit. Thanks to its innovative design, all key functions are integrated into the power unit.




ABPAC is a new hydraulic standard power unit for the mid-range product line. With distributed intelligence and optional sensor packages, the power units continuously record all operating statuses, show wear conditions and communicate via open interfaces with higher-level controls or mobile devices.

IMS-A Integrated Measuring System

Highly precise and making no contact, integrated measuring system IMS-A is a mechatronic module with its own electronic evaluator unit that recognizes position in linear motion and transmits it to higher-level systems.


Nexo wireless-enabled cordless nutrunner

Nexo netrunner

With their integrated control system, Nexo wireless-enabled cordless nutrunners work in networked environments, communicating with higher-level data systems via a browser-based operating system.

PRC7300 Mid-frequency Welding Control

PRC 7300 Welding Control

PRC7300 welding control ensures process reliability and the highest quality welds for welding processes.


ODiN - Predictive Maintenance

Odin Predictive Maintenance

The Online Diagnostic Network ODiN is a cloud-based service platform that collects operating information from hydraulic systems throughout their entire service life in order to detect wear as early as possible.

mMS4.0 Modular mechatronic training system

Mechatronic training system

The mMS4.0 training system is a compact and complete Industry 4.0 production system – ideal for mechatronic and Industry 4.0 training.



IAC Multi-Ethernet

The IAC-Multi-Ethernet is an OBE regulator platform for hydraulic drives. It features a cascaded hydraulic gear regulator for optimized hydraulic control.

HMC Hydraulic Motion Control


The advanced HMC motion controller is a digital control unit with an integrated axis controller and IEC61131-3 PLC functionality.




Antennas are integrated into the superior control system via the communication models with Ethernet or PROFIBUS DP interfaces.