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Ready for an emergency

Ready for an emergency
Marginal Column

November 2014


Selecting the right service partner is decisive.


Monday morning. The first shift operator powers up the machine. Nothing moves, nothing happens. The machine is down and production stops – a nightmare! Quick action is of the essence. That’s no problem if – before a critical situation arises – one has worked out appropriate strategies. Those who obtain information in advance and make suitable preparations are on the safe side.

Know-how is needed

Whenever machines comprise a system made up of hydraulics and drive technology, a service provider has to be familiar with all the technologies involved in order to quickly troubleshoot the defect. A widespread assumption is that hydraulics is a relatively “simple” technology. That can result in problems when they arise. It is to be kept in mind that improper repairs can endanger system survival, can result in damage, and can impact occupational safety. If the service provider does not adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for proper repairs – and circumvents legal requirements, then the machine’s owner bears liability in case of damage or injury.

Quick, but sure

Whenever production has stopped, each and every minute counts. That is why the service partner not only needs to be available 24/7, but must also get to the site quickly. Identifying the problem is the one thing, but it is also important to know how quickly repairs can be made. Does the service team have spares in stock or can it obtain them quickly? How long will the repair take? Repairs within 24 hours, using only factory original spares, is something that only the parts manufacturer or authorized repair services can provide. Anyone who thinks this is expensive is often adding things up incorrectly because downtimes due to a shortage of parts, extended repair periods and even improper repairs increase the costs.

Quality pays off

A qualified repair service helps companies prevent machinery downtime. It is possible to predict component service life by using shift-based models. The components manufacturer has the most technical knowledge since it considers the experience values – based on the evaluation of all returns – in the analysis. Since, toward the end of the service life thus determined, the probability of failure rises, a good repair service can make an offer for preventive maintenance and repairs – at just the right time to keep the machine running. He knows exactly when repairing a component is less expensive and less time-consuming than purchasing a new one.

It is worthwhile in any case to ask, when a repair is made, whether new, factory original parts or properly functioning but usedparts are installed, for which there is no guarantee. The component manufacturer will work exclusively with brand-new equipment. And the user also benefits, at no cost, from technical advances built into the newer parts. This means that original factory replacements incorporate all the technology of a new part and are delivered with a new warranty. “Back to new” is what’s needed.

In summary: The costs for maintenance and service have a considerable influence on firms’ competitiveness. Anyone seeking service support and interested in achieving high machine availability should place his trust only in partners whose services are guaranteed.

Check it off!

Checklist for the selection of a service partner

  • 24-hour hotline, 365 days a year, with direct access to technical service experts
  • Short response times
  • Know-how that covers all the technologies
  • Clear and certified spectrum of services
  • Quick and reliable repair service
  • Use of factory original spares and factory-overhauled parts
  • Product overhaul with warranty
  • Performing repair work so parts look like new
  • Inspection as per factory specifications
  • Clear cost structure