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Customized and ready for installation: Hydraulic containers for steel production


November 2015


It was to industrial giant Tata Steel that Bosch Rexroth delivered four hydraulic containers, ready for connection, with all the drive and control technology associated with coke transfer machines. This solution was not only designed to meet the requirements in India, but was also produced there for the first time.


Following the completion of the first phase at the end of 2015, the new steel mill, operated by the Tata Steel company in India, will produce three million tons of steel each year. After the completion of the second phase it will be six million tons. A part of the gigantic plant at the Kalinganagar industrial complex in the Odisha District is under commissioning phase and the start of production is projected for the end of 2015. Tata Steel is India’s largest steelmaker and, with this new facility, intends to satisfy the growing need for this versatile material. Located on the property, fourteen square kilometers in size, are the coking plant, sinter plant, blast furnaces, and the steel and hot rolling mills – meaning that all the major manufacturing steps in steel production are here. It was for the coking plant that Bosch Rexroth in India engineered and supplied four containers holding the complete hydraulic systems used to drive and control the coke transfer machines. Numerous tasks have to be accomplished while these transport the hot coke cakes from the furnace to the quenching car. These include opening the furnace door, cleaning the gaskets at the furnace doors and, of course, controlling the movement of the cake. The hot cargo is ultimately emptied into the quenching car. Hot smoke and dust emissions are created during all of these procedures. These are trapped by an extraction hood system and then forwarded to a filtering system. Coke serves as a fuel and reducing agent in the blast furnaces to create crude iron from the iron ore.

View inside the hydraulic container. Magnifier

View inside the hydraulic container.


Indian premiere

“We are the first maker in all of India to engineer this kind of container – preassembled, technically optimized for local conditions and ready for installation – and to manufacture them, as well. We supported the entire project, from the planning phase right through to installation,” explains Dipan Shah, senior manager at Bosch Rexroth in India and responsible for this project. The order for this custom engineering was issued by the Tata Growth Shop division, which is responsible for the technical equipment at the steel mills. Each of the four walk-in containers measures almost seven meters long, three meters wide and some thee meters high. Bosch Rexroth produced them at the Sanand site. Double partitions incorporating special-design insulation protect the equipment inside against water, dust and heat. The integral fire protection and fire alarm systems ensure, in addition, a maximum in fire safety. Thus the containers are excellently suited to handling both the difficult climate in India and the tough ambient conditions in a steel mill. The components inside are almost exclusively Rexroth components: the hydraulic power unit with the motor and pump groups, accumulator stands , valve manifolds, electrical junction box – all piped, wired and tested by the engineers at Bosch Rexroth. Together, all these components handle drive and control for the four different functions of the coke transfer machines. “This concept was designed as a plug-and-play system for quick installation and commissioning. That makes it easy for Tata Steel to integrate them into the coke transfer machines. Additional investments in the building are unnecessary,” explains Shah, who adds, “In addition, the containers can easily be maintained from a remote point.” A further challenge was transporting the units to the steel mill – over a distance exceeding 1,600 kilometers. “Due to the size and the weight of the containers, we developed special equipment in order to avoid damage when loading and unloading these units.”

Convincing quality

Thanks to all these measures, shipment to the site was without a hitch and Tata Growth Shop was happy to receive goods in perfect condition. “Our engineers were very pleased at the high quality,” says Sheshadri Kumar, responsible for the project at Tata Steel. Two of the containers began doing their work as early as 2014 while the other two will be deployed at the end of 2015. A local contact person from Bosch Rexroth will be available for consultation during the entire life cycle of the containers.

The finished container, just before dispatch. Magnifier

The finished container, just before dispatch.