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Simple assembly

Standardized aluminum profiles simplify assembling solar systems. That saves time and money.

Photo | Bosch Rexroth AG

The aluminum profiles can be used for solar panels without extra training or special tools.

Using Rexroth aluminum profiles speeds the mounting of solar panels by twenty-five percent. And anyone can use these “off the shelf” profiles without extensive training. No special tools are required. LG Energy Solutions, an American company that engineers and installs renewable energy systems, makes use of these advantages. It has adopted these assembly-friendly profiles as standard when securing photovoltaic panels and has incorporated a small but significant change.

“Solar energy is definitely a future-oriented industry,” notes Thomas MacDonald, CEO at LG Energy Solutions, referring to a sector that is unquestionably in motion. “Should requirements change or if new technologies come into being, then frames made from Rexroth’s aluminum profiles can be modified to suit, both quickly and easily. Using this system as the basis will make it far easier to realize expansions.”

Almost all the manufacturing dimensions for the aluminum profiles are catalog items, making for trouble-free modification and expansion of mounting systems in the future. The design of the profiles makes it possible to route cables through them while the weather-resistant material safeguards those cables.

These aluminum profiles have been used in industrial applications for quite some time now. They are found at assembly workstations and in machine frames and protective enclosures. They can be used for virtually any purpose. Consequently only a minor technical modification was needed to prepare them for mounting solar panels. LG Energy Solutions substituted a longer 9.5 millimeter carriage bolt for the T-bolt normally used by Rexroth. The carriage bolts provide the extra length needed, and can still be tightened with a conventional wrench. The individual extruded profiles and their connectors can be joined in the shortest possible time. Assembly is simpler, less costly and twenty-five percent faster.