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Precision wood working


Masterwood uses precision components made by Rexroth for its customized woodworking CNC machines.


The latest “Project” series of CNC woodworking centers incorporating IndraDrive C drives. Photo: Masterwood S.p.A.

Masterwood’s woodworking machines aim to excel in terms of precision and optimized cycle times. The machines’ characteristics and the interaction of the NC controls with Rexroth drives, via an Ethernet link, make a major contribution toward achieving this goal. In the opinion of Roberto Muccini, Masterwood’s communications manager, machine reliability also plays a decisive role. “Quality and health and safety in the workplace are other aspects which should never be underestimated and on which we have focused our attention. Our many years of experience have turned us into one of the leading suppliers in terms of safety.” This matches exactly the “Safety on Board” option offered with Rexroth’s IndraDrive C drives.

Project: modular

The specifications drafted for the new “Project” series of three- and five-shaft CNC processing centers have been fulfilled in full. Their distinguishing feature is the modular design. Every standard machine can be retrofitted to incorporate up to eight additional modules, depending on the customer’s needs. If new requirements arise, this can even be done in the customer’s shop. Roberto Muccini: “Offering our customers tailor-made products is both our intention and a necessity. The challenge is to combine this spirit with due cost consideration. And to offer every customer an affordable “tailor-made suit”.

Evocatively maintenance-free

The processing centers’ stable steel frame and guide rails have been precisely engineered using modern FEM simulations. The three main shafts with their tubular steel design are distinguished by their light weight and low inertia. The X-axis is available as a floating spar or a beam and is moved by a rack-and-pinion drive. Ball screw drives with an integrated pre-loading system are used for movements in the Y and Z axes. This reduces coupling play to zero. Synchronized servo motors drive the shafts – guaranteed maintenance-free and with great precision. All travel is on linear guides with guide carriages and double dust-protection seals.

More communication, less downtime

Since 2009 Masterwood has been using Rexroth’s IndraDrive C exclusively – an Ethernet-based, multi-protocol compact servo drive system. It guarantees maximum connectivity combined with minimum engineering effort. Roberto Muccini concludes: “In our field, reducing handling times is an absolute necessity. By integrating Rexroth components, we achieve maximum efficiency and at the same time supply fast, reliable, high-quality machines.”