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A powerhouse

The wheeled loader built by a Chinese manufacturer – thanks to a system engineered by Rexroth – is about to become highly efficient.


In ports, mines and rail transshipment yards, wheeled loaders are indispensable when offloading and backloading cargo. Demand is growing not only in China’s rapidly expanding markets, but around the world, as well. Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of construction machinery in China and the company has made a name for itself in foreign markets, too.

Advancing to a higher level

With the new LG989 wheeled loader, boasting 235 kilowatts of engine power and a payload of eight tons, this building machine specialist now intends to move into the world’s high-end segment.

This 30-ton Chinese machine is equipped with a comprehensive system built by Rexroth. “The demand in the Chinese market is more for medium-capacity wheeled loaders with less exotic technology,” explains Feng Chi, manager of the technical center at Shandong Lingong. In machines that can move more than six tons, expectations are higher. When developing the new wheeled loader, the company focused on efficiency and convenience, among other things. Shandong Lingong decided to adopt a system solution developed by Rexroth. This means that the working hydraulics, cooling system and brakes all come from a single source.

Intelligence at the heart

At the core of the drive for the working hydraulics is an M6-22 control block, operating in conjunction with two A10VO110 variable displacement pumps, all made by Rexroth. The components utilize flow-sharing control (LUDV). While a constant displacement pump in this type of wheeled loader always moves about 400 liters per minute of fluid through the hydraulic system, the adjustable pumps deliver only as much fluid as the system needs to maintain a certain operating pressure.

This eliminates the need to return excess fluid to the reservoir and that saves energy. Particularly when working at partial load, the savings potentials for the LG989 are high. In normal operation, this averages out to four liters of diesel fuel per hour. And that means about 10,000 euros per year.

The fan system for the wheeled loader also matches needs exactly. The engine, thanks to the variable-speed pump, delivers just the amount of power that is really needed. An electronic BODAS controller, also made by Rexroth, regulates the fluid, coolant and air temperatures. To enhance convenience, the LT17 dual-circuit power brake valve was selected.

This hydraulic brake valve is compact in design and the brake pedal is already mounted. This valve is highly responsive, making for precise control. The Rexroth RSM stabilization module reduces pitching in the wheeled loader and in this way increases the machine’s productivity and convenience even further.

By including the LG989, Shandong Lingong has added to its line a piece of equipment that is absolutely up to date in technical terms. It is easy to operate, flexible in use, and reliable. Two other factors are especially important to international clientele – energy savings and high performance.