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Routing at guaranteed prices

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The Mach One GT MTX series of gantry-style milling machines made by KOMO can work solid wood doors and delicate wood ornamentation at the same degree of precision.

The user interface for the milling machine is optimized to match the application.

The new gantry-style milling machines made by KOMO operate more quickly and precisely than their predecessors, while passing additional cost savings on to their users. This is made possible by a CNC concept incorporating IndraMotion MTX micro.


The new series of gantry-style routers, the Mach One GT MTX by KOMO Machine Inc. in Lakewood, New Jersey, is precise when working solid wood panels, plastics, and even light sheet metals. No matter whether you are working a solid wood door or the finest of ornamentation, the result is always the same: precisely machined surfaces, at or above the industry production standard.

“We’re known for offering high-end, fast, responsive machines that deliver profitable performance,” says Jeff Erickson, executive vice-president at KOMO. “Our goal with the Mach One GT MTX is to maintain that quality and performance, but with a machine that is more affordable for a broader range of shops.”

On the move

To keep this promise for the new line, the developers at KOMO concentrated on a particular component: the CNC unit that controls the machine’s X, Y, Z, spindle and tool changer axes. The machine price is actually dependent on this element. However, simply choosing the most cost-favorable variation on the market does not fit with the KOMO philosophy. The company demands maximum precision in the machines.

Mike Kolibas, KOMO president, knows who to turn to when searching for the appropriate solution. “We were familiar with Rexroth from our work with them. We also know they have an excellent reputation in the controls marketplace, and that gave us confidence,” he adds. “We had opportunities to work with smaller controls suppliers, but we chose Bosch Rexroth because we knew they would be there for the long haul.”

A well-rounded package

The folks at Bosch Rexroth came up with the right solution almost at once. A CNC concept, the IndraMotion MTX micro, easily satisfies all requirements. The controls are compact, easy to operate and still extremely high in performance. A single product demonstration was enough to convince the experts at KOMO. The complete package, including the Rexroth servo motors, was especially attractive. These motors respond perfectly to the control signals for the axes and also fit in the current basic layout of the Mach One series.

Commissioning made easy

“The package is well-integrated, which allows us to shave time off our assembly of the machine,” says Steve Ostermann, engineering manager at KOMO. He uses an example to demonstrate how much simpler this system is when compared with the predecessor. In the past, each individual axis had to be driven with a separate interface and that meant additional effort.

The new CNC concept features an I/O interface so powerful that it can handle all the signals at once. The work required for programming is also lessened since there is no separate human-machine interface (HMI) to be modified to match the system. Instead, the HMI is already fully integrated.

Perfect for the next stage

During a training session, the KOMO team discovered the advantages deriving from a user interface optimized in this way. The PC-based training, using the MTX micro Trainer, let them program all the woodworking functions and test them by simulation even before the actual production runs. This is not the only point that made for extremely satisfactory progress through the project. Vice-president Jeff Erickson confirms that: “It’s a faster machine than what our competitors offer, and we expect it will deliver much higher productivity, which makes it perfect for those shops that need to step up to the next efficiency level.”