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Prints everything

The demands on the printing used for packaging are in a state of constant change. An Italian manufacturer of flexo presses, Expert S.r.l., responds to this need with highly adaptable concepts.


Packaging makes a great impact on marketing, because it is often the outer wrapper that determines whether a particular brand of muesli or a pasta dish will make its way into the shopping cart. This represents a challenge to the printing industry, which has to accommodate a wealth of differing inks, shapes and materials, from plastics to wallpaper – all at low costs and high quality.

That is why Expert S.r.l., located in the northern Italian community of San Martino Buon Albergo and not far from Verona, specializes in flexographic presses designed especially to print packaging materials. “The completeness of our line,” explains Leone Nardon, a representative for the company, “is basic to satisfying the widely varying demands found in today’s printing market.”

Quick and economical

Expert offers a complete range of solutions to meet the continuously changing requirements of the packaging market. One example is the central impression press, which offers both speed and excellent registry. But Expert has generated special excitement with its stack flexo printing machines. They can be used for formats where a central impression press would be extremely costly but would not offer adequate flexibility.

“The stack type machines make it possible to print both sides of the substrate in a single pass, without need for a turn bar. It is therefore suitable to print on tubular materials, also directly in-line with an extruder or bag maker. In the meantime, these machines guarantee the requested printing precision, also on materials of significantly different thicknesses,” is how Renato Giovannini, sales manager at Expert, explains the advantages of this press design.

His colleague, Alejandro Signorelli, adds to the list. “The stack type concept is highly flexible in adapting to various kinds of stock, including paper, cardboard and the flexible films used in many different industries – from food wrappers to packages for industrial products – and even wallpaper printing.”

Highly adaptable and precise

All this is enabled by Bosch Rexroth technology. Separate servo motors from the IndraDyn S series drive the plate cylinder, anilox inking roll and impression cylinder. They are synchronized by Rexroth control technology. “Using an ‘electronic shaft’ to synchronize the printing cylinders lets us achieve precision comparable to a central impression press,” Nardon explains.

The lack of mechanical coupling to gearboxes makes it easier to adjust the press to handle differing stock thickness. Modularized units in the IndraDrive series power the unwinder and rewinder rollers with which Expert rounds out its product range. Linear motion technology by Rexroth adds the final touch to the system. Thanks to all this engineering expertise, the stack type flexo presses attain printing speeds of 350 meters per minute and can be configured with four, six or eight color units.