Registration South America Sales Conference 2017

Additional Information

Date and Local

  • 06/12: Weme - Innovation Accelerator (Campinas - SP)


  • 07/12: Hotel Premium (Campinas - SP)


Event's daily rates (Dec. 06 and 07):


  • 500.00 BRL (approx. USD 154.00)


  • BRL 600.00/per apartment (approx. USD 185.00)

Daily rates before and after event: Bosch standard rate.
All daily rates shall be paid by each participant.

If you have any doubt, consult

Organizational Information


Registration South America Sales Conference 2017

Form Edit2 Portlet Form Edit2 Portlet

We kindly ask your collaboration to answer the question below. The replies will be used during the conference.


With the exception of price/delivery time/quality, in your opinion: which factors and/or actions have strong influence in your customers to recognize Bosch Rexroth as a reference in "sales excellence" in the market?






Attention, please!


- It's obligatory that your roommate fulfills the form by himself! In case he didn't it, we will not guarantee the shirt and the sportive footwear.


- Accepting the Outlook's Save the Date won't be considered as event's registration.


- On Dec. 07, you have to check-out until 12 p.m. to avoid additional charge on your room daily rate.




Attention, please!


- If this form is not sent until 06/11, we will not guarantee the t-shirt and the sportive footwear.


- If you have any difficulty to fulfill the form, please contact João Fim (DCBR/MKT).