Function toolkits

Tools for extending the standard functionality

  • Accelerated implementation of complex tasks
  • Seamless integration of advanced machine functions
  • Extensive libraries for acceleration of the programming
  • Optimized workflow thanks to additional engineering interfaces
  • Modular engineering through versioning

Function toolkits expand the functionality of the standard PLC engineering framework IndraWorks with technology-based solutions. So, for example, the "Generic Application Template" (GAT) provides a prepared framework application. The "Handling" function toolkit provides a preconfigured, Cartesian system solution and "Team Engineering" provides a version management system for engineering projects.

  • Pre-defined modular program and project structure for development of reusable applications
  • Template orientated toolbox to create a custom frame application in IEC 61131-3
  • Automated code generation for a ready to use machine project
  • Open program code, extendable and adaptable at any time
  • Tracking of versioned projects with integrated version control systems
  • Higher quality of machine software
  • Support of engineering workflows in the team
  • Improved modular engineering by versioned library projects
  • Universal safety control solution on scaled control platforms
  • Seamless enhancement of Rexroth control solutions with multi-master support
  • Consistent engineering of standard and safety PLC programming with one software
  • Field-proven overall solution based on hundreds of different installations
  • Certified for world-wide usage according to international safety standards
  • Combination of multiple robots and PLC applications with the control system MLC
  • Large number of predefined kinematics
  • Extensive PLC function libraries for configuration and motion commands
  • Complex movements with full belt synchronicity
  • Easy programming with the kinematic interface
  • Pre-configured system solution for automation of all simple and Cartesian motion tasks
  • PLC and Motion Logic system based on latest technologies for easy handling
  • Ready-to-go HMI devices
  • Configurator for the system
  • Programming language for sequential programming

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