Industrial IoT

  • Simple exchange of data between existing production machines and IT applications, such as MES systems, analysis, database, or cloud applications.
  • Parallel operation of IoT gateway and machine control without interference in the machine program
  • Web-based configuration and management without any programming effort
  • Perfectly coordinated, pre-configured and validated hardware and software modules
  • Robust, reliable and durable XM control hardware
  • Platform-independent - runs on all devices with a Java Runtime (Java Runtime Environment, JRE)
  • Rapid data exchange via WebSockets
  • Communication with subordinate devices via OPC UA and Open Core Interface
  • Integrated web server for web-based HMIs
  • Suitable for status monitoring in a variety of machine applications
  • Compact and robust design for rough industrial environments
  • Refitting of new or existing machines and plants is easily possible
  • Immediately ready for use as no programming is required

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