BODAS Application software

The BODAS application software is an immediately available standard software system. To meet the diverse requirements of customers BODAS application software is offered in three product lines ASrun, ASopen and ASlibrary. Complex functions which go beyond the basic functions are already included in the standard version. Thus, no time is lost to programming and you can get started with the implementation of your machine right away. The functional scope and the behavior of the software are individually set on your machine with BODAS-service using parameters. Extensive documentation guides you through the commissioning process.

Customer-specific application software

With a global development network and the BODAS modular system, we develop and apply tailor-made, customer-specific function software for implement and/or drive hydraulics. As hardware, we use BODAS RC controllers. Your specific software is created either in high-level language C or by using BODAS-design in IEC 61131-3 languages.

In series production supply, you will receive the BODAS RC controller complete and ready for installation with your specially pre-installed software.

  • Control solution for standard hydrostatic drivetrains
  • Load sensitive and automotive driving for load and travel operations based on the DA-principle
  • Scalable control solution for immediate use
  • Modular software concept for efficient customer-specific adaptions
  • Integrated safety functions according to EN ISO 13849
  • For hydrostatic travel drives of wheeled loaders, telehandlers and comparable applications
  • Automotive driving, transmission control and functions for safety, comfort and energy efficiency
  • Modular software concept for efficient realization of customer-specific extensions
  • Fuel saving up to 20%
  • For BODAS controller RC12-10/30
  • For hydraulic drives of track vehicles
  • For compact loaders, bulldozers, pavers and comparible applications
  • Modular software concept for efficient realization of customer-specific extensions
  • Parameterizable drive, acceleration and steering behavior
  • For BODAS controller RC12-10/30
  • For controlling up to six electrohydraulic directional control valves (SB23-EHS1, SB33-EHS1)
  • For tractor applications
  • Undefined
  • The software is delivered ready for operation together with controller
  • For the SRC14-10 controller
  • Easily adjustable software package for demand-oriented control of cooling power
  • Reversing operation, standstill function, CAN J1939 communication
  • Fuel saving up to 5%
  • Support for systems with fixed or variable pumps
  • For BODAS controller RC4-5/30
  • Engine overload protection
  • Real-time power match between available engine power and required hydraulic power by adjusting pump displacement
  • Simple diagnosis and individual parameterization
  • Flexible interfaces - analog or CAN J1939
  • For BODAS controller RC4-5/30
  • Adaption of the speed control to the respective application via parameterization
  • Improved efficiency and control quality
  • Easy communication via CAN J1939 incl. diagnostic messages
  • Various interfaces and modular software architecture for customer specific extensions
  • Increased productivity due to specially developed functions for concrete mixers
  • The valve control system in combination with theBODAS controller RC12-10/30 has the option to controlup to six directional valves and two on-off valves.
  • Ready-to-use safety functions developed in accordance with the standard EN ISO 13849 are part of the software
  • Flexible interfaces – Analog or CAN J1939 (e.g. BJM1, BRM)
  • Diagnostics and parameter settings are performed with the BODAS-service PC software
  • For BODAS controller RC12-10/30
  • Function software for driving, working and for other machinery functions
  • Comprehensive consideration of customer requirements on drive and control concepts
  • Simple generation by well-tried function modules
  • Drive&Control expertise bundled in software
  • For the application on BODAS controllers RC

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