Compact Modules

  • Five fine-tuned sizes based on a compact precision aluminum profile with two integrated pre-tensioned ball rail systems
  • Identical external dimensions between Compact Module types CKK and CKR
  • Ready-to-install compact modules in any length up to Lmax.
  • Four different lube versions
  • Aluminum carriages available in different lengths depending on load

Compact Modules are distinguished by their high power density based on their compact dimensions. Externally, the Compact Modules can be recognized by their relatively flat construction. The width to height ratio of all types is around 2:1.

Compact Modules are available as complete solutions with motor, controller, and control system.

  • Drive via precision Rexroth Ball Screw Assembly
  • Screw support for the realization of high speeds on long assembly lengths for CKK-200
  • Protection of installation elements through a cover plate and two cover strips;
    Optionally increased protection with "Resist" cover.
  • Repeatability of up to ± 0.005 mm
  • Four different lube versions
  • Realization of greater lengths of up to 10000 mm
  • Pre-tensioned toothed belt
  • Intelligent toothed belt guide protects inner components
  • Repeatability of up to ± 0.05 mm
  • Four different lube versions

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