Identification System ID 15

  • The identification system ID 15 allows reliable and quick identification of workpieces.

Additional information

The identification system ID 15 allows the reliable and quick identification of workpieces. The data tag can be mounted on or below the workpiece pallet and can also be fully integrated into the Rexroth workpiece pallet. Short access times with high interference resistance and high availability are the main features of the system.

The read/write head (SLK) offers a direct connection to the actuator sensor level via AS-i via an M12 plug-in connection.

The ID 15 enables dynamic data transmission: While passing at distance "a" and a transport speed of up to 20 m/min.

A separate antenna with USB connection, in conjunction with the ID 15 diagnosis software, enables quick and easy initialization of the data tag.

  • For transferring workpiece data between MDT.../28-L and an AS-i bus master.
  • AS-i branch terminal for connecting M12 connectors to an AS-i signal cable
  • Connection Cable
  • Test and initial description of the mobile data tag MDT.../28-L (125 kHz) via a PC external to the plant.
  • Addressing and diagnostics tool for commissioning, maintenance and servicing of AS-i systems.

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