Synchronous linear motors with iron core


  • Maximum forces 120 … 4,500 N
  • Nominal speed VN 95 ... 650 m/min
  • Compact design with high force density
  • High feed system power
  • Low cogging force and force ripple

Additional information

The self-cooled, iron-core linear motors of the ML3 series offer large forces in small installation spaces. They achieve feed forces of up to 4,500 N and nominal forces up to 1,900 N.

An especially compact design and extremely high power density set ML3 motors apart. Because of their space-saving electromechanical design, these linear motors can be used even when installation space is particularly limited.

The high synchronization quality of the motors is due to their minimal cogging force and the resulting low force ripple, among other effects.

Their design as a self-cooled motor series makes it possible to forego the machine's coolant system and therefore simplify their installation.

The synchronous linear motors of the ML3 series are high-output direct drive alternatives to classic ball screws. With fewer wearing parts, higher mechanical rigidity and maximum positioning accuracy and dynamism, they contribute to significant production growth in factory automation.

An ML3 linear motor is composed of an MLP3 primary component (coil) and one or more ML3S secondary components (magnetic plates). Due to the variance of the three sizes (03, 06, 11) and the secondary components with variable lengths, they cover a wide range of applications.


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