Safety controls

SafeLogic compact

  • Compact, modular safety control
  • Safety periphery can be upgraded to include as many as 96 inputs and 48 outputs
  • Graphic programming with comprehensive module library
  • Direct integration of the IndraDrive range of drives featuring SafeMotion via Sercos

Additional information

SafeLogic compact is a graphically programmable safety control that is certified according to IEC 61508 (up to SIL3), EN 62061 (up to SILCL3), and EN ISO 13849-1 (up to Cat. 4 and PL e). The modular system design enables optimal adaptation to a variety of different applications. Communications gateways integrate the safety control into a variety of automation networks. In combination with the safe Sercos automation bus, the CIP Safety on Sercos safety protocol, and the IndraDrive range of drives incorporating SafeMotion, the simple interaction takes place in the form of certified, complete Motion Logic solutions.

  • Fast start-up due to system connector
  • Transparent communication link via gateways
  • Graphic programming with "SafeLogic Designer" software tool
  • High availability due to real-time diagnostics
  • RS232 connection (USB) for local diagnostics
  • Error and status information for all SafeLogic compact modules
  • Freely configurable data sets
  • Configuration and diagnostics
  • Monitoring of the connected sensor system
  • Fast safety response due to integrated fast shut-off function
  • Diagnosis LEDs
  • Extension of the CPU modules with relay outputs
  • Two-channel outputs with forcibly guided contacts
  • Return signaling path for contactor monitoring (EDM)
  • Can be extended to include up to 16 secure relay outputs per station
  • Integrated safety functions SS1, SS2, SOS, SSM, SLS, SDI, SBC
  • Freely programmable logic
  • For all commonly used encoder interfaces
  • Monitoring of up to 10 speed levels, 4 brake ramps and multiple axes

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