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Continuous casting

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    Continuous casting

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Continuous casting is achievable and ideal for mass and automatic production processes in economical, theoretically unlimited, lengths.

Decades of experience in the production of continuous mould casting provides the basis for the high quality standard of our continuous castings. The extruded grey and nodular cast iron materials feature a fine-grain, dense texture and excellent machining properties and their production process makes them absolutely ideal for mass production.

In addition to round bars and square bars we supply sections to order, with a raw or pre-machined finish. All standard dimensions of round and square material can be supplied with a raw finish from stock.

Contiuous casting material proreties
(found on sample bar from the extrusion)

  (VDG information sheet W43) (DIN 1693/EN 1563)
  GGc-F GGc-FP GGGc-40 GGGc-50 GGGc-60
Structure Ferritic Ferritic-perlitic Ferritic Ferritic-perlitic Mainly perlitic
Tensile strength MPa 200 250 400 500 600
Brinell hardness HBW-5/750 120-180 170-240 130-180 170-240 200-290
0.2% yield point MPa - - 250 320 380
Braking elongation % - - 18 7 3
E modulus GPa 120 125 170 175 180
Bending strength MPa 450 500 900 1000 1500
Compression strength MPa 1000 1100 1600 1800 2000

Gray cast iron

Nodular cast iron