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Moulding machine casting

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    Control block with croning core for hydraulic excavator

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    Directional valve housing with core

Marginal Column

Benefit from our expertise:

  • Umfassende Beratung durch unsere Experten bereits in der Konstruktionsphase
  • EDV-gestützte Auftragsabwicklung und PPS-gesteuerte Fertigung
  • Kontinuierliche Forschung und Entwicklung
  • Langjährige Erfahrung in der Anschnitt-, Gieß- und Speisertechnik
  • Maßgenaue Kerne für komplizierte Innenkonturen, gefertigt auf nach unseren Vorgaben entwickelten Kernschießmaschinen
  • Fertigungsbegleitendes Qualitätsmanagement und höchste Prozeßsicherheit

We manufacture standard parts with maximum precision in grey and nodular cast iron and special alloys on our fully automatic moulding plant.

High quality, precision modelling equipment and core boxes made of metal and plastic ensure maximum trueness to size and uniform high quality.

Depending on the geometry and required core stability we use Croning or cold-box cores; in many cases a combination of these two core systems can prove particularly economical.

Our sophisticated core technology provides a guarantee for perfect flow-enhanced internal contours and makes it possible to drastically reduce the size of the components. In addition, it minimises the need for expensive mechanical machining processes.

Hydraulic cast GG material properties
(separated from sample Ø 30 mm)

Cast iron with flake graphite ( DIN1691 / EN1561 )
  GG-20 GG-25 GG-30
  EN-GJL-200 EN-GJL-250 EN-GJL-300
Tensile strength MPa 200 250 300
Brinell hardness HBW-5/750 170-220 180-240 200-260
0.1% compression yield point MPa 260 325 390
Bending fatigue strength MPa 90 120 140
E modulus GPa 88-113 103-118 108-137
Bending strength MPa 290 340 390
Compression strength MPa 720 840 960

Hydraulic cast GGG material properties
(separated from sample Ø 30 mm)

Cast iron with nodular graphite ( DIN1693 / EN1563 )
  GGG-40 GGG-50 GGG-60
  EN-GJS-400-18 EN-GJS-500-7 EN-GJS-600-3
Tensile strength MPa 400 500 600
Brinell hardness HBW-5/750 130-180 170-240 220-290
0.2%-offset yield stress MPa 250 320 380
Bending fatigue strength MPa 220 240 260
E modulus GPa 169 169 174
Breaking elongation % 18 7 3
Compression strength MPa 700 800 870

Composite casting, special alloys and other materials for special applications available to order.


Gray cast iron

Nodular cast iron