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Permanent mould casting

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    Cylinder cover in GGGK-60 for hydraulic hammer

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    Turntable body in GGGK-40 for revolving press

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    Spindle holder in GGK-F for multi-spindle automatic lathe

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    Hydraulic block – piece weight up to 10 tonnes in GGGK-40 for operating pressure up to 350 bar

Marginal Column

Permanent mould casting enables castings to be produced with excellent mechanical and physical material properties and close to their final dimensions. This casting method satisfies many of the typical criteria for steel and provides a wide range of methods for creating individual shapes.

Shorter machining times and zero-waste production mean that permanent mould casting can drastically reduced product costs. The areas of use for our permanent mould casting are almost unlimited. It has proven itself wherever these requirements must be met.

Continuous mould casting material properties
(found on separately cast sample)

  HK special casting Contiuous nodular casting
  (VDG information sheet W43) (DIN 1693/EN 1563)
Structure ferritic ferritic-perlitic Mainly perlitic ferritic ferritic-perlitic Mainly perlitic
Tensile strength MPa 200 250 300 400 500 600
Brinell hardness HBW-5/750 120-180 180-240 200-290 130-180 170-240 200-290
0.2% yield point MPa - - - 250 320 380
E mudulus GPa 120 125 130 170 175 180
Bending strength MPa 450 500 550 900 1000 1500

More materials for special applications available to order:
GGGK-35.3 - GGGK-40.3 - GGGK-70 to GGGK-120 -Special alloys


With our proven materials, we meet the highest requirements:

  • HK special casting GGK for the low and medium pressure
  • Continuous nodular casting GGGK for high pressure

Both materials are characterized by a fine-grained, dense structure completely. These excellent properties are targeted by the cooling of the molten iron reached in permanent metallic moulds.


HK special casting structure GGK

Continuous nodular casting structure GGGK