• Electromechanical cylinder EMC
  • Electromechanical cylinder EMC-HD

The electromechanical cylinders from Rexroth are a high-performance alternative to pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and are scoring top marks when it comes to energy efficiency.

They are taking advantage of the benefits of modern control technology, even at high forces. Parameters for force, position and travel speed can be set as required by the user and flexibly adapted to new tasks at any time via the drive system.

  • High-precision ball screw assemblies: for high performance with maximum cost-effectiveness
  • Hygienic design
  • Complete turn-key system: minimal construction and installation effort
  • Complete building system with great variability: can be adapted to a wide range of applications
  • With Ball Screw Assembly or Planetary Screw Assembly
  • High energy efficiency and low negative environmental impact (no risk of leaks)
  • Straightforward, compact and robust structural design for space-saving integration in machine concepts and usage even in harsh environmental conditions

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