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Individualization: the definitive competitive advantage

Content 1
Machine manufacturers aspire to gain a competitive advantage by offering innovative functions. In the past developing such functions was only possible with the co-operation of the contol manufacturer. But now, with Open Core Engineering, Rexroth is opening controls up right down to their core to enable the independent creation of customized functions supported by the existing firmware.

Individual realtime applications on the control

  • Competitive advantage that stands out from the rest
  • Protection of machine manufacturers’ special expertise
  • Can be run in parallel with the control firmware
Content 2
The Open Core Interface enables the integration of individual, realtime-capable applications directly into the control or the individual IT applications on external devices, regardless of the machine program in use. The Open Core Interface permits the machine manufacturer to create and program realtime capable applications in C/C++ and provides this to end-users as an extension of the control firmware.

Direct functional access into the core of the control

  • Complete access from external devices to all control and drive functions
  • New methods of operation and diagnosis using smart devices
  • Easy integration of simulation applications