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PV7 – Variable vane pumps, pilot operated
PV7 The PV7 is a variable displacement vane pump used quite extensively for low to mid-pressure applications for numerous market segments such as machine tool and packaging industries. The PV7 pump utilizes a journal bearing design and pivoting control pistons to provide a low noise and durable product for the industrial hydraulic market.

  • 8 displacement sizes ranging from 14-150cc.
  • All pumps are supplied with through drive capable shaft that is capped off with an aluminum rear cover
  • PV7 pumps can be incorporated into combinations with many other Rexroth products including internal and external gear pumps, radial piston pumps, fixed and variable vane pumps and axial piston pumps.
  • Multiple control options are available such as pressure control, flow control, solenoid unloading control, lockable controls, etc.
  • PV7 design is European based, 4-bolt DIN mounting pilot and metric shaft
The following pdf files contain complete product data. Only the part numbers on this page are applicable to GoTo and will ship in 10 business days.

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  Description   Part Number   Max. Qty.   PDF
PV7-1X/10-14RE01MC0-16    R900580381 3 RE10515.PDF
PV7-1X/100-118RE07MC0-16    R900506809 3 RE10515.PDF
PV7-1X/16-20RE01MC0-16    R900580382 3 RE10515.PDF
PV7-1X/25-30RE01MC0-16    R900580383 3 RE10515.PDF
PV7-1X/40-45RE37MC0-16    R900580384 3 RE10515.PDF
PV7-1X/63-71RE07MC0-16    R900506808 3 RE10515.PDF
REGULATOR V7-1A/…C0-16 BG    R901169899 3 RE10515.PDF
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