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VT-VARAP1 – p/Q amplifier
VT-VARAP1 The p/Q amplifier is comprised of a base card with front panel containing the valve amplifier with position control and a daughter card. The daughter card, inserted in the base card, is where the actual pressure control process occurs. The amplifier is only available as a single combination unit. When used with the appropriate servo solenoid valves and pressure sensors, this unit can be employed for controlling flow and pressure in a closed-loop control circuit. The input parameters are the setpoints for pressure p and flow Q. Pressure and valve spool position are transmitted as feedback values.

  • Suitable for actuating directly operated and pilot operated servo solenoid valves
  • Analog amplifiers in Eurocard format for installation in 19" rack
  • Output stage with closed-loop control
  • Rapid energizing and de-energizing for fast response times
  • Enabling input
  • Short-circuit-proof outputs
  • External control shutoff
  • Open-circuit detectin for feedback signal cable and pressure sensor
  • Suitable for pressure sensors (1...6 V, 0...10 V, 4...20 mA)
  • Closed-loop position control with PID action
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Product “Maximum Quantity” increased from three (3) to five (5) pieces – August 2012.
  VT-VARAP1 – p/Q amplifier
     Part Number      Description      Max. Qty.      PDF
   0811405152        VT-VARAP1-527-20/V0        5 ↑        RE30058.PDF    
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