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Proportional and Servo Valves
Hydraulic Servos
Dynamic Response for Intelligent Hydraulic Systems

Used in closed loop control system applications, electrohydraulic servo valves have the highest dynamic response for intelligent hydraulics systems. With the appropriate system feedback and controller design, Rexroth hydraulic servo valves are unsurpassed in controlling pressure, flow, or position. Servo valves are appropriate for systems with one or more of the following characteristics: high load stiffness (static or dynamic); high accuracy and stability; precise positioning; fine control of velocity and acceleration control.

Models 4WS2E and 4WSE2E Hydraulic Servos
Data Sheet (PDF)
RE 29 564
RE 29 583
RE 29 591

Models 4WS2E and 4WSE2E Hydraulic Servos
Hydraulics Application: 2-stage directional servo-valves, mechanical and electrical feedback

Key features:
  • Sizes 6, 10 and 16
  • Porting pattern to DIN 24340 form A
  • Control of the direction and magnitude of a flow
  • Suitable for closed-loop controlling of force, position, velocity and pressure
  • 1st stage nozzle/flapper plate amplifier
  • Dry torque motor
  • Wear-free connection of the spool to feedback element
  • Position sensing of the main spool via an inductive position transducer for valves with electrical feedback (size 10)
Integrated control electronics (OBE) for type 4WSE2E.

Download 4WS2E and 4WSE2E Hydraulic Servos Data Sheets

Servo directional valve of 4-way design (Size 6)
Servo directional valve of 4-way design (Size 10)
4-way directional servo valve (Size 16)

Model 4WSE3E Hydraulic Servos
Data Sheet (PDF)
RE 29 620
RE 29 621
RE 29 622

Model 4WSE3E Hydraulic Servos
Directional servo-valve of 4-way design

Key features:
  • Sizes 16, 25 and 32
  • Component series 2X
  • Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
  • Maximum flow 570 l/min
Download 4WSE3E Hydraulic Servos Data Sheets

Size 16V
Size 25V
Size 32V

For more information or to order brochures and catalogs, contact your nearest distributor.

Intelligent Hydraulics in New Dimensions – RA 09879 (PDF)
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