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Electric Drives and Controls
Indramat Products are Now Rexroth Products

All former Indramat drives, motors, controls, HMIs and I/O products are now known by their Rexroth brand names. This cross-reference guide provides an easy way to identify which legacy Indramat products can be replaced or upgraded to current Rexroth systems. Remember: The only authorized place to purchase Indramat and Rexroth products is through your Rexroth sales organization and our authorized distribution network. Find a Rexroth sales agent.

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Indramat/Rexroth Cross Reference


Indramat Servo Drives have been improved, and are now offered as the IndraDrive family of products, with advanced energy efficiency features such as bus sharing and regenerative capabilities.

More on IndraDrive.
 Legacy Indramat Drive Systems Current Rexroth IndraDrive Equivalents 
 TDMxx.x HCS02, HCS03 or HMS drives 
 DSxx.x HCS02, HCS03 or HMS drives  
 DDS02.1 HMS 
 DDS03.1 HMS 
 DKS HCS02 or HCS03* 
 DC HCS02 or HCS03* 
 DDS02.2 HMS 
 DIAX03.2 HMS 
 DKCxx.1 HCS02 or HCS03* 
 DKCxx.3 HCS02 or HCS03* 
 EcoDrive CS  
 DKCxx.3 HCS01.1 
 DMD HCS01.1 
 RD51 HCSxx or HMS 
 RD52 HCSxx or HMS 
Power Supplies

 Legacy Indramat Power Supplies Current Rexroth Equivalents  
 Anax, DIAX01, DIAX02, DIAX03  
 TVMxx.x HMV-E 
 KDVxx.x HMV-E 
 TVDxx.x HMV-E 
 TVRxx.x HMV-R 
 KVRxx.x HMV-R 
 RD41 HMV-E 
 RD42 HMV-R 

Indramat Servo Motors are now offered under the Rexroth IndraDyn family name – a complete line of asynchronous, synchronous and linear motors to power your machine’s performance.

More on Motors

 Legacy Indramat Motors Current Rexroth IndraDyn Equivalents 
 1MB MBS or MBT 
 LAR None available 

Indramat controls products and systems are now offered as IndraControl PLCs/PACs (for Controls) and complete IndraMotion solutions (for automation platforms and industry-specific solutions.)

More on IndraControl

More on IndraMotion

 Legacy Indramat Controls Current Rexroth Equivalents 
 CLM-R IndraMotion for Metal Forming 
 CLM IndraControl L or MLD-M 
 DLC IndraMotion for Metal Forming 
 TRANS01* IndraMotion for Trans 
 CLC** IndraMotion MLC 
 MTCNC IndraMotion MTX** 
 MTC200 IndraMotion MTX** 
 MTS-* IndraControl L 
 PPC* IndraMotion MLC 
 MTC-* IndraMotion MTX** 
 BTA** IndraControl VAM** 
 BTM** IndraControl VAM** 
 PCK** IndraControl VAK 


Enhance machine flexibility and operator productivity with the complete line of Rexroth IndraControl V HMIs, with flexible options to replace prior Indramat devices.

More on HMIs

 Legacy Indramat HMIs Current Rexroth IndraControl V Equivalents 
 BTV05 VCP08 
 BTV06 VCP20 
 BTC06 VCH08 
 BTV20 VSP or VPP 
 BTV30 VSP or VPP 
 BTV40 VSP or VPP 
 CTA10 VCP05 

Integrate machine functions efficiently and cost-effectively with Rexroth Inline and Fieldline I/O systems, which can be used to replace or upgrade existing Indramat I/O systems.

More on I/O

 Legacy Indramat I/O Current Rexroth Equivalents 
 RME** Inline I/O 
 RMA** Inline I/O 
 RMC** Inline I/O 
 RMK** Inline I/O 
 RMB** Inline I/O 
 SMA Fieldline I/O 
 SME Fieldline I/O 
 SMM12 Fieldline I/O 
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