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Trends and Technology
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency
Reduce energy consumption and advance productivity… at the same time.

Energy efficiency, improved conservation, and the faster application of alternative, renewable energy sources are all crucial to engineering our sustainable future. Energy efficiency is not just good for the environment – it’s good engineering.

Learn how Bosch Rexroth is deploying multiple technologies to improve energy efficiency in manufacturing. View Energy Efficiency in Industry (PDF 659 KB)
Rexroth 4EE
Rexroth 4EE
Integrated approach to automation energy efficiency

Reducing power consumption on machines, by focusing on just one axis or machine function at a time, can be an unproductive and narrow approach to energy efficiency. Bosch Rexroth has pioneered an approach called 4EE that focuses on four integrated principles that show how the right engineering concepts and systems, effectively applied, can deliver dramatic energy efficiency improvements. These 4 principles are: Energy Efficient Components, Energy Recovery, Energy On Demand, and Energy Efficient System Design.

Read the Rexroth 4EE Story (PDF 3 MB)

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Energy efficient wood stacker
Energy efficient wood stacker
Key Energy Efficiency Trend: Regenerative Drives

One energy-efficient technology gaining growing use in manufacturing and automation circles are regenerative drives. Instead of wasting electric energy when drives slow down or halt, the rotational motion is re-used to generate energy, which can be shared back into a machine’s power bus through bus sharing, reducing energy demand -- a technology Rexroth has been involved with developing and perfecting for more than 25 years.

Wood stacker uses Rexroth regenerative drives to save energy, improve productivity (PDF 247 KB)

Expert Help on Energy Efficiency

Energy-efficient manufacturing must be engineered, to drive out wasted motion and precisely align power demands with machine and production cycles. Our applications engineers can show you the most effective way to use Rexroth regenerative drives, integrated drive-motor systems and advanced machine programming techniques to maximize efficient energy use and manufacturing productivity. Contact us.
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