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Linear Modules and Cartesian Systems
Linear Modules and Cartesian SystemsBosch Rexroth's ready-to-mount Linear Modules and Cartesian Systems are available with a ball screw and belt drive. They have lengths up to 12m, precision systems down to 26mm high and high capacity systems up to 68,000N moving load.

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> Electromechanical Cylinder EMC
Featured Items: Linear Modules & CMS

Need help sizing and selecting a module?  We've identified the main factors to consider when sizing and selecting a linear module and they're referred to as LOSTPED - Load, Orientation, Speed, Travel, Precision, Environment and Duty cycle. View LOSTPED Guidelines.

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Products: Linear Modules and CMS

If You Need: Then Choose: 
High Load Capacity  
High Thrust Force  
High Speed  
Long Stroke  
High Stiffness  
High Positioning Accuracy  
High Travel Accuracy  
Low Cost  
Compact Size  
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EasyHandling Products

A comprehensive system solution for faster, easier and a more economical design and configuration of handling systems.
Tools & Downloads: Linear Modules and CMS

Linear Modules Overview

Online Tools

- EasyHandling Configuration Tools
- Selection Guide for Linear Modules
- How to Choose a Linear Module
- Multi-Axis Information & Tools

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- New! Download EasyHandling Catalog
- New! Download EasyHandling Brochure
- Download/Order Catalogs & Brochures
- Download Linear Modules Manuals
- Linear Motion Handbook

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- Open 3D Systems CAD Generator
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