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Ball Rail Systems
Runner Block, Aluminum Version
Runner block 1631-

Flanged, Standard
- Runner block without ball chain:
  for part numbers, see table
- Runner block with ball chain:
  part numbers 1631-...-22

Dynamic characteristics
Speed     Vmax=5 m/s
Acceleration     amax=500 m/s2
Other technical data, see this section of the catalog.
Runner Block, Aluminum Version, Standard
CAD files in DXF(2D) and STP(3D) formats can be downloaded by clicking on the CAD link to the right of the part number.
Dimensions are available as catalog pages. Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™ is required.
Size Accuracy
Part numbers for runner blocks Downloads
up to approx.
10 um clearance
0.02 C
15 * H 1631-193-20 1631-113-20 CAD Files
N 1631-194-20 1631-114-20
25 * H 1631-293-20 1631-213-20
N 1631-294-20 1631-214-20
30 * H 1631-793-20 1631-713-20
N 1631-794-20 1631-714-20
35 * H 1631-393-20 1631-313-20
N 1631-394-20 1631-314-20
* - Generation 2 block, Under Preperation
To download a catalog, or request one by mail, please click here.
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