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Rexroth Profile Connectors
GoTo Aluminum Framing Profile Connectors
Features of Rexroth's Profile Connectors include:
- The Inside-to-Inside Gusset uses set-screw installation, and it’s easy to adjust profiles after the structure is assembled.
- The Connection Screw does not obstruct the profile T-slot and all but the M-12x30 are self-tapping.
- The 10mm Quick Connector/Rigid keeps three T-slots open for mounting panels or accessories.

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90° Connectors
Material Description  Number  Maximum Quantity  Shipment (Business Days) 
10mm Inside-to-inside gusset (Lot size 10) 3842535571 40 
10mm Inside-to-outside gusset (Lot size 10) 3842535572 20 
10mm Quick Connector/Rigid, Horizontal Access (Lot size 10) 3842535466 50 
10mm Quick Connector/Rigid, Vertical Access (Lot size 10) 3842535458 200 
8mm Inside-to-inside gusset (Lot size 10) 3842535577 40 
8mm Inside-to-outside gusset (Lot size 10)  3842535578 20 
8mm Quick Connector/Rigid, Horizontal Access (Lot size 10)  3842535465 20 
8mm Quick Connector/Rigid, Vertical Access (Lot size 10) 3842535459 40 
M12x30 Connection screw, 8mm socket head 8981021301 300 
M13x30 Connection screw, T50 Torx head 3842530235 40 
S12x30 Self-tapping connection screw, 8mm socket head 8981021302 300 
S12x30 Self-tapping connection screw, T-50 Torx head 3842530236 20 
S6x16 Self-tapping connection screw, 4mm socket head 3842523968 300 
S8x25 Self-tapping connection screw, 5mm socket head 3842523970 300 
S8x25 Self-tapping connection screw, T-40 Torx head 3842527174 100 

- The Bolt Connector provides the strongest connection and its centering pin makes it easy to achieve precise alignment
- A 10mm Connection Link is ideal for extending the length of a profile
- Joining Plates fasten to the outside faces of the profiles, leaving the inner T-slots free for panels or accessories
- Joining Plates can be added to reinforce a structure after initial assembly
- Three different styles of Joining Plates available in a variety of sizes
- 45° Angle Connectors connect 45x45 profiles end-to-end at a 45° angle
- 45x45 Multi-angle Connectors create a side-to-side, end-to-side, or end-to-end connection

Profile Connectors
Material Description  Number  Maximum Quantity  Shipment (Business Days) 
10mm Connection Link Kit, 180mm long 3842528746 10 
30mm Bolt Connector Kit (Lot size 10) 3842535624 20 
30mm Bolt Connector Kit 8mm to 10mm (Lot size 10) 3842535583 10 
45° Angle Connector Kit – 45mm 3842535428 50 
45mm Bolt Connector Kit (Lot size 10) 3842500921 100 
45x45 Multi-angle Connector Kit 3842502684 50 
90mm Bolt Connector Kit (Lot size 10) 3842500923 50 
Stiffening Plate CRNR JN PLATE 30 SER 8981019457 10 
Stiffening Plate CRNR JOIN PLT 45 SER 8981019448 10 
Stiffening Plate CRNR JOIN PLT 90 SER 8981019452 10 
Stiffening Plate JOIN PLATE 45 SER 8981019449 10 
Stiffening Plate RCTNGR JN PLT 30 SER 8981019458 10 
Stiffening Plate T-JNCTN PLT 45 SER 8981019450 10 
Stiffening Plate T-JNCTN JN PLT 30 SER 8981019461 10 
Stiffening Plate T-JNCTN JN PLT 90 SER 8981019455 10 

GoTo product focused delivery times are available only for the quantities and if applicable, the preferred options listed for the product. Order spikes can cause temporary extended lead times. If your need is critical please contact the factory for confirmed delivery times.
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