Constructing linear motion systems can be a drawn-out, expensive process. It’s time to change this. Bring on Smart MechatroniX!
Constructing linear motion systems can be a drawn-out, expensive process. It’s time to change this. Bring on Smart MechatroniX!
Linear Motion Technology

Smart mechatronics: Make it simple!

Constructing linear motion systems can be a drawn-out, expensive process. It’s time to change this. Bring on Smart MechatroniX!

Do you sometimes feel like Sisyphus who has to carry out the same laborious task over and over again? If you dimension, configure, program or commission subsystems for assembly or handling processes, you’ll know exactly what we mean. But this is now a thing of the past!

An ecosystem for smart mechatronics

Bosch Rexroth has now broken the cycle of process adjustments, time shortages, high programming costs and interface losses. How? With a ecosystem for mechatronic solutions and subsystems, in short: Smart MechatroniX. The first two systems – the Smart Function Kit Pressing and the Smart Function Kit Handling – are revolutionizing engineering and the commissioning of typical applications for pressing, joining and handling. These factory automation tasks can now be carried out quickly and easily – with no need for complex mechanical engineering, time-consuming catalog research, error-prone media disruptions and costly programming.

Multi axis robot

A complete, preassembled multi-axis robot from Bosch Rexroth: the Smart Function Kit for handling tasks.

Select, configure, go online

Another reason why the new ecosystem is so innovative is the fact that it’s made up of tailored, standardized modules and components, which can be put together quickly to form smart subsystems. Simply select and adapt the basic type online, configure and order it and commission it with software guidance. This way, best-in-class components can be used to create smart mechatronics solutions for the Factory of the Future. And with minimal use of resources.

Everything fits together and fits in seamlessly

Whether it be a handling robot from linear axes or an electromechanical press solution – the online configurator offers users exactly the right motors, servo drives, mechanic and control systems. The “heart” of the subsystem, a piece of preinstalled operating software, guides users intuitively through the commissioning process. Thanks to visual programming, there is no longer any need to type in lines of code. The drive controllers automatically parameterize themselves as soon as they are connected. In the case of the Smart Function Kit for Handling, the software can even reference the linear axes.

Smart function kit diagram

Plug and produce thanks to preinstalled software: Thanks to ready-made functional modules, the Smart Function Kit for pressing and joining applications can be commissioned quickly and integrated into higher-level control systems.

Smart function kit ecosystem diagram

The Smart Function Kit ecosystem: pre-aligned system solutions consisting of mechatronics, drive and control technology and software can be used in a variety of applications thanks to compatible end effectors and open interfaces.

Programming was yesterday

Users define what the subsystem is to do within the machine or line with the help of ready-made functional modules. These are simply selected from a library, arranged in the correct order via drag and drop and given the correct parameters. With plug and produce, Bosch Rexroth meets a key requirement when it comes to modern-day factory automation. Integration into higher-level systems and larger IoT environments is also straightforward thanks to open interfaces and ready-made functional modules. An overview of the most important properties and benefits:

  1. Easy product selection, dimensioning, configuration and ordering via e-tools. This saves time, money and hassle. Everything fits together perfectly.
  2. Plug and produce: Commissioning wizard, automatic drive parametrization and axis referencing speed up the time to market and the ROI.
  3. Zero programming: Intuitive graphical user guidance makes process configuration easier and requires no costly expertise.
  4. Open interfaces make the subsystems IoT-capable and allow them to be integrated quickly into higher-level control and IT systems.

Experience the Smart MechatroniX platform in a video:

Are you ready for a leap in efficiency?

With the Smart Function Kits for pressing, joining and handling tasks, production companies can save huge amounts of time, avoid island solutions and pave the way to the Factory of the Future. But the development work goes even further. After all, Bosch Rexroth is gradually extending the Smart MechatroniX ecosystem to cover other areas of application. Already lined up: The Smart Function Kit Dispensing for dispensing tasks and the Smart Flex Effector, which gives linear and folding-arm robots almost human sensitivity and thus opens up completely new automation scenarios. The toolbox for smart mechatronics is growing, but the aim remains the same: fewer resources, greater flexibility and a minimal time to market.

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Daniel Bauer

Author: Daniel Bauer
Job title: Product Owner Smart Function Kit, Bosch Rexroth AG