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Rexroth A15VSO

New A15VSO high-pressure axial-piston unit from Rexroth with improved efficiency now available in an SAE version.

New benchmark for ultra-low noise emissions: The A15VSO operates up to 3 dB(A) quieter than previously available high-pressure axial-piston pumps.

Rexroth combines significantly lower noise emissions with further improved efficiency in the new A15VSO axial-piston unit for stationary applications in open circuit operation. It can meet pressure requirements to 420 bars and recover potential energy during pump/motor operation almost completely. This enables innovative regeneration concepts that can improve the efficiency of machines and systems. Equipped with a universal through drive, the A15VSO seamlessly integrates into the Rexroth line of products and simplifies the process of combining different pumps.

Rexroth developers used state-of-the-art simulation tools in all design stages. The one-piece housing eliminates numerous sealed oil paths, allowing designers to move closer to the goal of a leak-free design. The housing structure, optimized for minimum sound emissions, reduces noise considerably. Subsequently, the air borne noise level has been reduced in average by up to 2 dB(A) at full flow operation and up to 3 dB(A) during pressure holding periods (high pressure stand by). In addition, the development engineers shifted the operating noise to a frequency range that is perceived as sonorous and more agreeable to the human ear.

Further design improvements bring the overall efficiency of the axial-piston pump up to 93 percent. The swivel range, for example, has been expanded to +/- 100 percent to enable complete over center operation for extremely fast and efficient decompression. In the pump/motor operating mode an almost complete regeneration of potential energy is possible for instance during lowering of a load or braking of a moving mass. This opens up new opportunities for maximizing the energy efficiency of machines and systems, whereby the robust and stable swivel action ensures highly dynamic performance with reduced response times. The A15VSO is available in sizes 110, 145, 175, 210 and 280 cubic centimeter at a nominal pressure of 350 bar and a maximum pressure of 420 bar. The standard 280cc pump can run at 1800rpm with flooded suction.

The new compact housing, which features an optimized layout of flow channels and better use of installation space, simplifies the process of fitting the pump even in very tight spaces. A boosted version with impeller (A15VLO) is also available for up to 20% higher operating speeds. The universal through drive increases flexibility for customized drive solutions and can easily be used to connect axial-piston, gear, and other hydraulic pumps out of the comprehensive line of Rexroth pumps. Numerous hydraulic and electric controllers (also for remote control operation) enable efficient, highly precise control of power, pressure and flow as well as load-sensing functions.

Implementation of design-for-manufacturing principles resulted in a costcompetitive product that achieved all of the above improvements at better pricing.

To download the A15VSO date sheet (RA-A 92800 2013-11) visit .


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