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Distributed drives for streamlined automation

Distributed drives for streamlined automation

The advanced motor integrated IndraDrive Mi: The integrated Motion Logic system controls up to ten axes without a superordinate control system; the Multi-Ethernet interface supports all established real-time Ethernet protocols.

In theory, the most economic value added chain in machinery construction is something that has long been known: pre-assembling stand-alone machine modules in series and only making decisions regarding functions and command communications in the software immediately prior to installation. Rexroth now provides the technology needed for that ideal with its advanced motor-integrated IndraDrive Mi drives. The drive-integrated Motion Logic system controls up to ten axes without a superordinate control system. The Multi-Ethernet interface supports all established real-time Ethernet protocols. The new drive-integrated safety functions allow machine manufacturers to divide the drives involved standardized into safety zones.

The advanced distributed IndraDrive Mi servo drives independently perform logic and motion tasks based on IEC 61131-3 thanks to the integrated Rexroth IndraMotion MLD. One master drive controls up to nine slave drives in hard real time via the sercos automation bus. The automation also integrates Ethernet actuators and peripheral devices directly connected to the drives, allowing users to pre-assemble complete modules without control cabinets and thereby reducing necessary wiring by up to 85%.

The new Multi-Ethernet interface standardizes hardware independent of the command communication used. Configuration of the sercos, PROFINET IO (RT), EtherNet/IP, and EtherCAT communication protocols is executed exclusively via the software, giving machine manufacturers the flexibility to adapt pre-assembled series modules to individual machine versions with different communication architectures. A communication cord is all that is needed for connection to the superordinate control system or other modules.

The distributed Safe Torque Off (STO) Safety on Board function also offers enhanced modularization options. When the STO function is activated, the drive interrupts the torque and field-forming current to the connected motor within a few milliseconds without a detour via the control cabinet and superordinate control system. The STO function in the IndraDrive Mi is certified with Kat 4 PL e pursuant to EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 pursuant to EN 62061. Users can simultaneously activate torque connection for all connected drives using simple wiring. Alternately, users can also create various safety zones with the needed number of IndraDrive Mi, thereby creating specific safety zones for individual unit modules. The other modules can continue to work without interruption while the activated STO function ensures standardized security for manual procedures.

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