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More power – smaller package

More power – smaller package

The Hägglunds CB motor offers a space-saving design that enables many mounting possibilities, as well as a through hole for use in applications like drilling and boring.

Hägglunds’ Compact CA and CB motors are hydraulic direct shaft mounted drives that pack more power into a small package, providing solutions for Oil & Gas applications such as Top Drives, Draw Works and Mud Pumps. The space-saving design offers many mounting possibilities and a through hole is available for drilling and boring applications.

Because the Compact CA and CB are available in many sizes and displacements, the drive system can be optimized when selecting the motor and the hydraulic pump combinations, making it easy to match specific needs. The motor reacts quickly and the heavy duty design can take shock loads and stop instantly when required. Hägglunds CA and CB are truly tough, economical and reliable drives.


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