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Transferring your heavy products with minimal maintenance: that moves us.

TS 5 roller conveyor with variable rotary unit from Bosch Rexroth

Roller conveyor system TS 5 for heavy loads

Modular and low-maintenance for loads over 400 kg

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BOOST YOUR PRODUCTION with the TS 5 transfer system.

The heavy weight in the Rexroth product transfer system line shines thanks to its tremendous cost-effectiveness and consistent quality. With its king shaft drive, the TS 5 stands out as a rugged pacemaker even in the harshest manufacturing environments – and the greatest possible degrees of freedom for you when it comes to layout planning and use of space. The TS5 roller conveyor can be adjusted even more flexibly to the requirements of the most diverse industries – from the automotive industry, to electro mobility and electronic and household devices. The elite class of roller conveyors offers an efficient and economical solution for every application.


The TS 5 roller conveyor system transports loads up to 400 kg and more, over long distances where necessary. While its robust construction makes it especially suitable for harsh environments. Appropriate for many industries like Energy storage and management, Electronics and home appliances or Automotive, e-Mobility and transportation.


The TS 5 transfer system with king shaft offers considerable advantages compared to usual chain drives.

For example:

  • Low maintenance
  • Noise-free operation
  • High energy efficiency through effective performance with low drive force requirements


The TS 5 transfer system has its sights set squarely on the future. Equipped with modern components and even more practical features, it can be easily integrated into the newly digital world of production. Enhanced with numerous modules that offer a high degree of customizing possibilities and a thoughtful modular design principle, the innovative transfer system offers you more freedom than ever in system design and construction.


The engineering Software MTpro offers you a flexible and simple layout planning. Intuitive design with high degree of planning confidence. Saves time and money in the procurement process. As the components of TS 5 are included in MTpro, the parts list is generated automatically, which considerably simplifies the entire planning process.

TS 5 features at a glance

Planning of a TS 5 roller conveyor line with Engineering Software MTpro from Bosch Rexroth

Simple design

Thanks to the clever combination of the customer-friendly MTpro CAD program and the intelligent design of the components, the system can be customized according to your wishes. The MTpro is a proven, excellent tool which enables planning that is both application-oriented and fast. This significantly shortens the planning process and ultimately saves time and money in the procurement process. Automated order lists and links to the product catalog and installation instructions further simplify the entire project planning process.

Illustration of TS 5 transport system from Bosch Rexroth

Modular construction

TS 5’s modular design principle makes a variety of layouts possible. As a result, changing or expanding the transfer system couldn’t be easier. Enhanced with numerous modules that offer a high degree of customizing possibilities and a thoughtful modular design principle, the innovative transfer system offers you more freedom than ever in system design and construction.

Bosch Rexroth TS 5 tranfer system drive module with split rollers

Reliable system

The TS 5 is an extremely reliable system with the highest degree of quality. The king shaft drive offers a long service life requiring minimum maintenance. In contrast to a chain-driven conveyor, the TS 5 with king shaft installation can be used without any limitations. You can, for example, branch the system off to the right or to the left. This is very economical because no additional drive modules are needed in many system layouts.

Employee working with a Nexo cordless nutrunner at a TS 5 assembly line

Efficient concept

When it comes to intelligent solutions, the efficient concept of the TS 5 is simply unbeatable. Whether your focus is total cost of ownership or better energy efficiency, TS 5 is head and shoulders above the rest. With a system width ranging from 455 to 1040 mm and the ability to freely choose the length of the roller section, it’s easy to select and implement the exact you need.

Key technical data

Workpiece pallet weight:
> 400 kg, max. 50 kg per roller
Workpiece pallet sizes: 455 x 455 up to 1,040 x 845 mm
Roller dimension: 60 mm
Roller spacing: 130, 195, 260, 325 mm
Environments: Approved for Class 8 cleanrooms in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1
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Special components

King shaft drive:
Low-maintenance, energy-efficient and low noise drive concept
"Open Center": Open conveyor section for easy access to the workpiece from below
Three-way diverter: T-shaped outfeed with three options: right, left, up or down
Rotation unit: Performs the function of a diverter, junction and crossing in one unit, rotation angle from 45° up to 180°
Positioning unit: Absolute precision (+/- 0.3 mm) through accurate positioning of workpieces at processing stations
Drive unit: Powerful drive unit incl. conveyor section with flexible configuration options
Lift transverse unit: Easy to transport workpieces in the transverse section with a stroke of 4.5 mm
Drive kit: Drive kit as separate, self-contained module with conveyor section which can be placed at the beginning or end face of the conveyor
Swing gate: Mobile swing gate for flexible access in a square