NEXO cordless nutrunner in space.



LIGHT YEARS AHEAD – the new NEXO cordless nutrunner

The new NEXO nutrunner guarantees maximum freedom for use combined with highest process reliability and accuracy and fullfills all requirements for safety-critical tightening connections according to VDI/VDE 2862. You choose between handheld pistolgrip and right-angle nutrunner. You get intuitive, modern and userfriendly tools with significantly improved ergonomics and increased flexibility thanks to a browser-based operating system and integrated control on board.

Test the new NEXO and experience cosmic performance from another star!

NEXO Cordless nutrunner - pistol nutrunner

Pistol nutrunner

  • Up to 15 Nm
  • Stand-alone or direct network integration via WiFi 6

NEXO Cordless nutrunner - Angle nutrunner

Angle nutrunner

  • 15, 30 and 60 Nm
  • Stand-alone or direct network integration via WiFi 6

Your benefits

NEXO Codless nutrunner - ICON ergonomics


  • Higher efficiency components with optimized layout
  • More lightweight and compact design
  • Use of ProCORE18V batteries for further weight savings
  • RGB LEDs on the base and tool body enable visual feedback to the user even in unusual postures

NEXO cordless nutrunner - ICON performance


  • Minimal downtime, short charging time, short battery replacement time
  • Faster, better performance in setting up and parameterizing the nutrunner
  • All information from the tool at a glance on the display
  • Can continue to operate even in the event of a network failure
  • Tool can remain in the assembly line during software update

Discover the features of the new NEXO generation

Wifi module: Significantly improved WiFi connectivity and network performance.

4-core processor: Reliable and future-proof computing power even for complex applications

Camera-based scanner: Enables processing of 2D barcodes

New motor: Smaller, more efficient, faster, lighter - for maximum performance even at high speeds

Design: Human Centered Design - more compact, more ergonomic, better

Weight: More efficient components with optimized layout

LEDs: Visual feedback even in unusual positions

Display: Shows current tightening results as well as IO/NIO evaluation

Operating safety: Enables decentralized operation and extended diagnostics directly at the nutrunner

Browser-based operating system: Decentralized access from host computer possible

Software: No installation of additional software necessary - access also possible with tablet or smartphone

User interface: Intuitive, modern and user-friendly for easy operation

Diagnostic capability: Better identification of the part causing the fault for improved plant availability

Enhanced diagnostic capabilities: Assist service with troubleshooting and repair

Complete control on board: Increased flexibility without external hardware/controls

Process safe: Complies with VDI/VDE 2862 guideline for category A tightening applications

Battery technology: Use of market-established ProCORE18V batteries for improved ergonomics and runtime

Customer interface: Simple and flexible hardware expansion for customer applications (e.g. second start switch, I/O module, etc.)

AMPShare battery platform: Maximum freedom and flexibility in battery selection

Modular output system: Maximum flexibility for every application

Camera based scanner with framing: Reduces errors and increases speed through reliable selection of the correct barcode