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Planetary Roller Screws

Often called roller screws, the Planetary Screw Assembly PLSA is a cost-effective, high-performance screw drive system that uses precision-ground threaded rollers (planets) that rotate around the screw, converting rotary motion into linear motion. Their compact design makes them easy to integrate into applications requiring high load capability, precision, and low environmental impact. Rexroth’s economical, high quality PLSAs ship quickly, and offer an efficient drive solution for applications requiring up to 25,000 pounds of pressure.



  • Applications/Markets
    Planetary Roller Screws


    • Forming and pressing operations
    • Plastic injection and blow molding machines
    • Bulk Mixing
    • Pressurizing (auger, spindle and brake)
    • Test Benches
    • Cutting operations
    • Machine tool feeds
    • Heavier drill jigs
    • Die cutting
    • Friction welding
    • Robots
    • Measuring and material testing machines

    Ideal For:

    • Forming/Presses
    • Molding (Hydraulic and Electric)
    • Medical Technology, including diagnostics and patient handling
    • Metals industry
    • Printing and paper industry
    • Machine tools
    • Automation and handling
    • Food and packaging industries
    • Metrology

  • Key Benefits
    Planetary Roller Screw - Key Benefits
    • Superior axial load capacities extend service life and reduce machine-downtime
    • High axial rigidity w/best-in-class positional accuracy generates consistent, precise, and quality output
    • Shorter process cycle times with higher throughput as a result of speeds up to 1.5m/s
    • Quiet operation
    • Smaller motor sizes thanks to highly efficient precision roller technology
    • Lower operational cost compared to hydraulics
    • Extended lubrication life and protection from and for the environment w/Rexroth’s high-performance sealing system

  • Notable Features
    Planetary Roller Screws - Notable Features

    Design Flexibility

    • Many sizes and leads available from 20mm to 75mm diameter; leads from 5mm to 20mm
    • Standard overall screw lengths up to 3000mm (depending on the diameter)
    • Different nut styles and end bearing supports to meet the needs of most applications
    • Custom end machining to your specifications

    Overall Superior Performance compared to Similar-sized Screw Drives

    • Dynamic load capacity up to 544 kN; static load capacity up to 1,496 kN
    • Longer operational life
    • Ball-screw-equivalent positioning accuracy (as low as 0.023mm / 300mm travel)
    • Backlash-free options available
    • High speeds - up to 1.5 m/sec