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Data based decision-making: Industry 4.0 packages

Are you getting your device’s messages?

Industry 4.0 packages for the most simple and the most complex applications.

Data based decision-making: Industry 4.0 packages

Make your existing equipment smart, as I4.0 is not just a privilege for new machines

Join us in the world of industrial digitalization and choose the Industry 4.0 package that suits you best, allowing you to make data-driven decisions immediately after installation.

Machinery equipped with sensors enables visualization of data, which is useful because by making the information obtained from the equipment available and visible, decisions can be made consciously and well founded. We work with multiple data acquisition software and equipment, such as ConnectivityKit, IoT Gateway or ODiN (Online Diagnostics Network), to detect deviations from the expected values: in the first two cases, the system sends an alarm at the predefined thresholds, while in the latter case, artificial intelligence helps the user interpret the data. This brings preventive maintenance within reach and can also contribute to the energy-efficient operation of your machines.

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Make the first step and download the eBook!

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Three different options tailored to your needs

ConnectivityKit industrial data collecting device

Entry Package

Cost-effective solution for data visualization of some machines.

ConnectivityKit provides a transparent picture of the operation of the machines and, where appropriate, their non-ideal condition. The data coming into the sensors are collected in the cloud and can be seen anywhere, anytime thanks to the web interface of the remote diagnostic system. The data collected can be used for various purposes, such as analyzing the condition of machines: The software application sends a message to the user when the set thresholds deviate, providing appropriate information to the operators in a timely manner before the problem occurs.

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Entry Level based on Connectivity Kit

Product benefits:

  • Cost-effective I4.0 entry tool
  • Helps to make production more efficient
  • Suitable for Preventive Maintenance with proper competence
  • Non-application-specific, fully customizable

Key features:

  • Data collection and transfer device
  • Data are available from anywhere thanks to the web interface – remote diagnostics possible
  • Historically retrievable data
  • Send an alarm at preset thresholds

Technical data:

  • Data endpoints: up to 19
    • standard: 8A/3D
    • ext. "A": +8A
    • ext. "B": +5D
  • Sampling rate:
    • 100 ms (=10/sec =10 Hz)
  • Database and software integration: closed system with dashboard

ConnectivityKit - downloadable onepager (Hungarian)

Industrial PC that can be used with IoT Gateway Software

Advanced Package

Collects data on multiple equipment in a coordinated manner

Monitoring and analyzing the data can also make production and maintenance predictable and plannable. Even in the case of brownfield investments, it can be easily achieved by retrofit upgrading of existing devices with sensors and connecting them to the IoT network.

The solution for large companies is IoT Gateway software. After a short configuration, you can observe production processes and important factors such as temperature, pressure, vibration and many other relevant information in real time.

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Advanced level based on IoT Gateway

Product benefits:

  • Quick to commission and configure - No programming required thanks to pre-configured connection interfaces
  • Can be installed next to the machine, does not interfere with its control
  • Makes all machine operating parameters visible
  • Makes the data of sensors, PLCs, clouds, IT and IoT protocols available

Technical data:

  • Data endpoints: up to 2000
    • Normal: 25
    • Enhanced: 500
    • Performance: 2000
  • Sampling rate:
    • Basic: 100 ms (=10/sec =10 Hz)
    • Up to: 1 ms (= 1000/sec =1 kHz)
  • Database and software integration: any database, BCI and other software

IoT Gateway – downloadable onepager (Hungarian)

Industrial production environment with data flow illustrations

Artificial Intelligence package

Professional solution for downtime and scrap reduction based on AI

With the help of artificial intelligence-based software, sudden machine failures and unplanned maintenance work are replaced by predefined and timed service cycles. The ODiN software mainly monitors the operation of hydraulic systems. Predictive analytics indicates an error or deviation when the difference between the measured and the specified parameters is not necessarily inferred. The AI-based system continuously analyzes the data, discovers the correlations between the factors and draws appropriate conclusions from them.

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Professional level based on ODiN (artificial intelligence)

Product benefits:

  • Higher availability with permanent automated monitoring of machine data
  • Reduced costs due to lower downtime
  • Up to 50% faster maintenance
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced spare parts storage cost
  • Our experts help to develop a data-based analysis and maintenance strategy
  • Additional Rexroth services

Technical data:

  • Data endpoints: up to 2000 based on IoT Gateway
  • Sampling rate:
    • Basic: 100 ms (=10/sec =10 Hz)
    • Up to: 1 ms (=1000/sec =1 kHz)
  • Database and software integration: ODiN SW solution

Contents of packages

  • Data processing (tool and) software solution - Visual and historical data display
  • Sensor package
  • Commissioning
  • Professional support to select the right configuration
Bosch Rexroth’s vision on Factory of the Future

Explore more Industry 4.0 solutions, step into the Factory of the Future!

In the Factory of the Future everything is connected from field level to cloud-based IT systems. Automation solutions fit into this environment only with open standards. They must be easy to (re)configure and encompass predefined app-based functions. At the same time they must enable the highest degree of freedom and flexibility to adapt to the individual needs of businesses.